Conveyor Sounds | Line.B ✌🏼CVS의 Jamais Vu INST/MR✌🏼 방탄시즌이 돌아온 이 시점, 많은 분들께서 백번 천번 만번 들어 주셨으면 좋겠는 진, 제이홉 그리고 정국 셋이 부른, 이번 PERSONA 앨범 수록곡 'Jamais Vu' 라인비 커버로 들려드립니다! 흑... 넘나 좋은 곡...😭 😭 - BTS SEASON💜🌱 OMG... You guys all know how good this song is right????😭 Hoping to see their stage for this song soon though.. In the meanwhile, here goes LINE.B COVER of JAMAIS VU and YOU WILL LOVE IT! 😆 #BTS #Jamaisvu #자메뷰커버 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⭐️⭐️다른 커버들도 들어보소서_Check our other covers out! ⭐️⭐️ + 방탄소년단 (BTS) - 소우주 (Mikrokosmos) COVER 노래커버 | [CVS] + JOHN.k - Best Of Me 커버 COVER (G.C.F BGM) | 띵곡!! 추천!!! [CVS] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoy this cover , and don’t forget to give us BIG thumb UPS, AND SUBSCRIBE for many more covers coming up and 100% clean INSTRUEMNTAL made by Conveyor Sounds! ** Get in touch with us! (Follow @conveyorsounds for upcoming updates and news) Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : SoundCloud :

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